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Out of the Ordinary   Night Maze   The Alpha Box    The Afterdark Princess   The Dream Snatcher   The Midnight Musuem  

The Real Tilly Beany   Tilly Beany & The Best Friend Machine   Tilly Beany Saves the World   Swan Sister   Naming the Dark   Isabel: Taking Wing (Girls of Many Lands) 

 Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks: No.1   Lilac Peabody and Bella Bright: No. 2   Lilac Peabody and Charlie Chase   Lilac Peabody and Honeysuckle Hope    Ferris Fleet the Wheelchair Wizard: A World Nine Adventure    Kids' Night In: Anthology (Warchild)

   Invisible Threads    Ways to Trap a Yeti    Friday Forever   The Hut That Grew (White Wolves: World Folk Tales)   Zack Black and the Magic Dads    The Starlight Princess: And Other Princess Stories            
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